How to choose a good UV printer?

Small UV Flatbed

1. Check the main board

The small UV flatbed is generally re-structured from EPSON, the common models are R1390,R1800,3850, etc.

The cheap machines are normally re-structured from R1390 which runs slow. However, we adopt the main board of R1800 and 3850 which are good in printing speed and precision.

2. UV System

The UV system of small UV flatbed is generally adopted with LED UV system which contains two kinds of cooling, respectively, air and water.

All our machines are equipped with water cooling UV system which gives stable performance and easy maintenance. It also realizes multiple power output.

3. UV Ink

Having the good UV ink is very essential, and generally, there are three kinds of ink available on market and they are made respectively in China, South Korea and Taiwan.

All of our small format flatbed printers are used with ink made in South Korea which presents beautiful colors and good liquidity without blocks on nozzle.

4. Warranty

For flatbed printer, the manufacturer generally provides 1 year warranty. But our machines are provided with 2 years.

Industrial Grade UV Flatbed Printer

1. Printhead

The Industrial flatbed printers are commonly adopted with printheads of Konica, SEIKO, Fuji, Polaris, etc.

Our machine adopts the Konica series of printheads which is stable in working and has higher cost performance as well as longer lifespan.

2. UV System

The UV system influences the effect of UV ink curing. A good UV flatbed is generally applied with imported system. The UV system made in China has shorter lifespan for which its UV lamp achieves a lifespan for 500~600 hours. However, the imported UV system reaches 2000hous. Our industrial UV flatbed printers are all adopted with UV system from UK.

3. UV Ink

The good UV ink is very important for machines, the ink commonly used is TOYO from Japan and SUNJET from UK, and our machine adopts the TOYO ink from Japan along with Konica printhead, as a result, it gives a perfect effect of output.

4. Warranty

For flatbed printer, the manufacturer generally provides 1 year warranty. But our machines are provided with 2 years.

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