60cm x 90cm 6090 Digital Flatbed Cutter and Plotter-sign in china
60cm x 90cm 6090 Digital Flatbed Cutter and Plotter
  • 60cm x 90cm 6090 Digital Flatbed Cutter and Plotter
  • 60cm x 90cm 6090 Digital Flatbed Cutter and Plotter

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60cm x 90cm 6090 Digital Flatbed Cutter and Plotter

Код товара:SIT-KX-FC6090

  • Цена : 404 215 руб./шт. (Срок поставки 75-90 дней)

  • Мин. заказ : 1 шт.

  • Вес брутто : 180кг

  • Количество: шт.(s) Общая стоимость : 404,215 руб.
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• Dual cutting head, perforated cutting, half cutting and creasing in one compact unit.
• Servo drivers control. Silent, precise and powerful servo drives for best cutting results.
• No cutting dies required, it can avoid the customer's constant modifications in designs which cause cost in sampling or proofing.
• Red light positioning, automatic patrol edge, can automatically scan points in cutting different shapes of designs, high precision, the real effects cut out same as the bit molded products.
• Comes with DragonCut Software, which reduces media waste and processing time. Compatible with a variety of different software, different computer operating systems, supporting independent research and development of dragon cutting software, unique contour recognition technology for JPG, PNG, BMP and other image format files without contouring operation but can accurate extraction with one-click generation of contours.

Suitable for cardboard, PVC, spray film, and a variety of flexible materials
• Pneumatic vacuum suction of media. With usage of the vacuum adsorption technology to firmly hold the medium and cut it more stably, and the paper doesn’t run around.
• Direct USB makes the flat bed cutter reliable and convenient. Plug and play, simple installation, no additional drivers needed.
• The linear guide of the flat bed cutter ensures high speed and few errors. 
• The flat bed cutter has an LCD touch screen in English. 
• Contour cutter cuts thin films and card up to 500gsm / 600micron. Cutting speed pressure can be adjusted as needed.
• Cuts typical SRA3 sheet in 30-60 seconds.
• Maximum cutting thickness is 1.3mm (0.05in) 
• Fast speed: 10 seconds automatic positioning, one image can be completed in a few minutes, the machine is workable in 24 hours operation, possible for small volume production and no need of cutting die.

Comparing with the laser cutting machine, it doesn’t make black edges on cutting material, no burnt on thin cutting material, during working time there is no glare light as well as no smells. 





32-bit CPU, 4Mb cache memory

Control panel

4.3 inches touch screen


Stepper motor

Flatbed size


Max. cutting speed


Max. cutting force


Max. cutting thickness



USB + U disk


Single position carriage


Color sensor, automatic positioning

Mechanical resolution




Type of tool

Cemented carbide blade

Plotting pen type

all types diameter 11.4mm plotter pen

Plotting instruction

DMPL / HPGL automatic identification

Power supply

AC220V 50HZ

Operating enviroment

Temperature:+5℃ to +35℃, relative temperature 30%-70%

Operating language


Operating system

Windows XP,Vista,Windows7/Windows8/Windows10


Why do we need this Flatbed Cutting Plotter?
A. Some customers like to cut hard or thick medias, like PVC, reflective film, abrasive paper, hard paper, magnetic paper, PET, etc.
B. As we know, vinyl cutting plotter can not cut off media, to avoid cutting the mat. However, when some media need to be cut off in some cases, a flatbed cutter is necessary.
C. To cut soft media, which can not be realized by a cutting plotter, a flatbed cutter is a good choice. 


Cuts cardboard, Kraft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film etc.

Application Field:

Prototype and light production, on - demand packaging and sheet card cutting system - also suitable for sheet labels.

Process Material:

cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and thin film etc.
PVC: Less than 0.4mm (0.0157in)
Reflective film: All types
Sandblast, Hard paper: Less than 450gsm
Magnetic Sticker: Less than 600micron
PET: Less than 0.3mm (0.0118in), vinyl, etc. 



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